You Tube Marketing For Home Inspectors

“Discover The You Tube Tactics That Can Super-Charge Your Video Marketing…”

  • Get even more visitors to your site using video
  • Turn video viewers into sales and leads

Video is a great way to show propsects what’s in for them when they work with you. It’s also the best way to delvelop the know you, like you, trust you relationship that leads to more sales.

But there’s more to it than just shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube. If you don’t know about creating the right titles, tags, video file names, and description… then all your effort may be wasted.

If you don’t have this information then you’re probably wasting your time doing video… because your videos won’t be found by the prospects you’re trying to reach.

And if your prospects never see your videos, you’ve wasted the effort you’re putting into your video marketing.

Plus there are some simple techniques you can use that will get you even more prospects from your videos. These techniques help you to:

  • Get a better listing for your video
  • Increase your video play count
  • Boost your new videos quickly
  • Get more video watchers to take action
  • Get more people commenting on your videos
  • Get more people to embed your videos

All of this brings you more qualified prospects that turn into sales and leads!

If you want to boost your home inspections this year, now is the time to learn about using YouTube to market your business.

Discover What To Do and How To Do It…

In the YouTube Tactics course you will learn the right way to title and tag your video to get a good listing for your video… you’ll find out how to name your video file to increase your listing even more… and you’ll see how to use the description for your video to get your prospect from YouTube to your site.

Plus you’ll discover the insider’s secrets of how to use simple techniques to get even more people watching your videos… and turn those viewers into sales and leads! These are the insider’s secrets that YouTube doesn’t tell you but you can find out how right now…

This course includes all the details of what to do and how to do it when putting your videos up on YouTube. This way you can be successful using YouTube for marketing your home inspection business and get even more inspections this year.

“help you get more inspections…”Learning the strategies and techniques that Lori & Jeff will be teaching will take your members from the basics of keywords, titles, and tags to the stuff I find really exciting. The exciting part for me is using the tools on YouTube to find out how my videos are performing, what keywords people are actually searching for, where I am getting the most views and a whole lot more. Another really exciting part of their course will be what to do with your videos to make sure they get more views and help you get more inspections.Lori & Jeff will be teaching these strategies and whole lot more. This course will take absolute beginners to masters and teach the experienced YouTuber some new and exciting tricks to take it to the next level.

If you don’t sign up for this class you will be left in the dust, I promise you! The only problem I have with Lori & Jeff is that they didn’t make this course a long time ago. All kidding aside Lori & Jeff are not only great people that have passion for helping others, but are some of the very best internet marketers out there.

John Richards

Home Inspector, Jacksonville, FL

The YouTube Tactics course includes written course materials with screen shots (pictures) so that you learn what to do and can see how to actually implement the information…

Plus the course includes two downloadable mp3 audio files that review and explain the written material. With these recordings you can review the material while driving between inspections so that you have the chance to fully get all the information and tips included in the course.

YouTube marketing is a way to increase your inspections this year but only if you use it and use it effectively… Don’t miss out on your chance to find out how and to access all the course materials…

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Jeff Wark

PS – The information in “YouTube Marketing for Home Inspectors” is worth thousands of dollars! These techniques have been proven to increase video listings, increase video views and get more qualified prospects for your business. What is that worth to your home inspection company?

PPS – Please, if you decide to get a copy, by all means keep the information revealed in the course to yourself. These tips and secrets are too valuable to share. Discover why by getting your copy today…

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“amazed at the amount of great information…”Hi Jeff,I’m amazed at the amount of great information you and Lori were able to give us on YouTube. I had no idea there were so many different ways to setup videos to get better SEO for my website.

Thanks again for sharing this great information with us!

Kip McCullough

Owner and Home Inspector,

Keystone Property Inspections, LLC

“so thoroughly enjoyed…”I have so thoroughly enjoyed getting the two of you on my team.I was your biggest fan before the YouTube Tactics course. Now we need a shrine somewhere in Comptonville for you.

Keep it up,

Victor Sedinger

Professional Home Inspector,

House Exam DFW

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