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Who Else Wants More Sales And Leads For Their Home Inspection Business?…

Marketing online is all about sales and leads… getting your website to generate more business for your home inspection company.

If your website doesn’t generate sales and leads then your website is nothing but a company expense… it’s a financial drain on your company instead of being an asset to your company.

Building a website that will generate sales and leads is NOT about how cool, cute or nice looking your website is…

It’s NOT about how much “stuff” you can put on your website…

It’s NOT just about getting a good search engine listing. We’ve worked with plenty of inspection companies who have websites with a page 1 listing in Google and weren’t getting any business from their website.

In fact, having a website that generates sales and leads is about making the site simple to understand and use…

It’s about making the site show the visitor what you can do for them…

It’s about showing the visitor why they should choose you to do their home inspection. And by the way, you don’t accomplish this by talking about you and your experience.

Online success requires two parts working together:

1) Traffic – how many people can you get to your website

2) Conversion – once people are on your site, how many can you turn into a sale or lead

Success is THAT simple.

If online success is that simple, why is it so hard to achieve? Because a lot of effort and thinking go into getting those two parts working.

Part 1 is Traffic. One way to get traffic is through search engine optimization – getting a good listing in the search engines.

But that’s just one way of having people find out about you. There are lots of other ways that you can use to get more people to your website.

Part 2 is Conversion. Once people are on your website how do you move them from being just a visitor to becoming a prospect or customer? The design, layout, navigation, look and words on your website all play a part in making this happen.

One secret is to keep the site simple and easy for the website visitor. The other secret is to connect with them and start building a relationship with the visitor.

Instead, most websites have gone in the opposite direction… they have become more and more complex, with more and more stuff that just overwhelms the website visitor. When someone becomes overwhelmed they become confused. When they become confused they leave the site.

In a handbook from a company that specializes in publishing best practices for online marketing they had this to say…

“Our own marketing team altered the format of our… pages to eliminate columns and clarify eyeflow. Nothing else was changed. At the time our web designer remarked:

‘You made the page more boring.’

Conversions, paid sales, immediately increased more than 40%.”

Designing a simple website is actually harder than throwing a lot of stuff up on a site.

But ask yourself this… Would you prefer a fancy site that doesn’t generate any sales and leads or a “boring” site that brings in sales and leads?

There are many keys to having a simple website that generates sales and leads:

  • Effective layout
  • Ease of use
  • Connection with your market
  • Good copywriting
  • Effective graphics
  • Clarity of your message
  • Good search engine listing
  • Getting traffic
  • And so much more

The trick is to be able to do all that and still keep the site simple.

This site is dedicated to helping you learn about marketing online. And to provide you real, usable information.

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