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Q – What do you do?

A – We are a full-service marketing company serving the home inspection industry. We offer how-to products for those that want to do the work themselves. And we offer a full range of services including blog design, website design, website revisions, search engine optimization, link building, copywriting, website inspections, consultations and more.

Q – Why would I market my business online?

A – More and more people use the internet to select their home inspection company. You’re missing out on sales and leads if you’re not marketing online.

Q – I’ve tried marketing online and haven’t had any success. Can you help me?

A – Many home inspectors are frustrated by their efforts to market online. It’s no wonder with all the poorly designed websites we see online by “designers” who don’t know anything about marketing your business. And all the BS being told and sold by other online marketing companies.  Sure, we can help. The question is… are you ready for the truth?

Q – If I put up a website will the sales and leads automatically start rolling in?

A – Not likely. If you put up a good marketing website and promote it, the sales will follow.  You can build (or have built) an automated system for generating sales and leads. But it’s a system and it takes time and effort to get it going.

Q – Can I use online marketing to promote my other services besides home inspections?

A – Absolutely. And we highly recommend marketing your other services (like radon testing, mold testing, infrared imaging, etc.) separately from your home inspection services to increase your business. Just ask us how and why.

Q – I don’t understand anything about marketing online. Where should I start?

A – Start with the basics. Just learning the “lingo” can go a long way. Read through the information available on this blog. And consider taking us up on the free 15-minute consultation. We guarantee we’ll be straight-up and up-front with you.

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