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Who Else Wants A WordPress Blog Installed And Ready To Go For Only $497?

Do you want an inexpensive way to get started online?

Or, Do you want an inexpensive way to get another blog online? (Maybe something targeting your Radon Testing, Builder’s Warranty or some other service?)

Then this is your dream come true…

My partner, Lori, and I have been working with home inspectors for a few years now. We’ve designed many direct marketing static websites and blogs that have been getting great results. We’ve also helped people with existing blogs and websites improve their sites. And we’ve even been doing the marketing for some home inspectors…

But what we haven’t had, until now, is an answer for the home inspector that wants something basic with a low, low price tag. You may be looking for an inexpensive way to get started online. Or you already have a blog or website and want an inexpensive way to have an additional site (or sites)…

Why Get A Blog?

The short answer is because a blog is a way to have a website that you can easily update.

On top of that, if you consistently add new content, a blog can really help you to get a good search engine listing. A great way to have new content for your blog is to add pictures from your home inspections and a description of the picture. You can also add videos into your blog with a description. With a blog, you do this by adding a post. If you’ve never done this before, watch this 2 minuute and 18 seconds-long video to see how easy it is:

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry… your blog package comes with complete, easy-to-understand, plain English training on how to add content to your blog.

Is This Some Junk Site?

No! My partner and I have built a reputation of delivering quality and good customer service to our clients. We’re not about to ruin all that hard work by giving you a piece of junk…

Your site is built using the WordPress blog platform. WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. Companies large and small use it because it’s simple to use and yet it gives you lots of options as you grow your site…

Many home inspectors just like you use WordPress to manage their website. They are very happy with how easy it is to use. They’re also happy with the results they get.

I’ll be upfront with you though and tell you that the biggest objection we get from home inspectors with this package is this – it looks too basic. Well, let me share with you a secret about marketing – basic works… Basic is simple – simple for the visitor to your site to understand and to use. When a website is simple you make it easy for your website visitor to become a prospect or a sale.

With a basic site your visitor is less likely to become confused or overwhelmed. You can keep your visitor focused. You can deliver good information that will get your visitor to hire you for their home inspection. That is what you want, isn’t it?

How Does This Help Me?

If you don’t have a website…

If you don’t have a website yet (and you know that you should) this package gives you a great way to get online at a very low price. Going direct to the public is a strategy that every home inspector should be adding to their marketing plan. As you build your online presence you can create an automated system for getting sales and leads for your home inspection company.

If you want another website…

If you’re ready to expand your online marketing into services other than your home inspection website this is a great way to have a website focused on another service you offer. When you’re marketing online it’s important to keep your message focused on your target market…

You’ll sell a lot more of your radon testing directly to the public if it isn’t buried on your home inspection website. You can also target your search engine listing for your radon services with a separate website. And you can deliver a clearer message to your site visitor if the site is all about radon and you don’t confuse your visitor talking about home inspections…

This is true with any other service you offer – like your builder’s warranty inspections, your thermal imaging services, your energy audits, new construction inspections, commercial inspections, and more.

If you want to replace an existing website…

If you’re looking for a way to replace an existing website – maybe you can’t update it, maybe it doesn’t work, or maybe it just plain stinks – then be sure to read the information about replacing an existing site before you decide. Click here for more info.

What’s Included?

You’ll get a fully functional website that you can easily update and add new content.

You’ll get the WordPress site installed for you.

The site will be set up with standard pages. We’ll fill in your contact information that you provide. You can easily edit the other pages with your information.

The site will be set up with standard categories for you. You’ll be able to start creating new posts as soon as your site is set up for you.

The settings in WordPress will be set up for you.

In WordPress we’ll set up your Permalink – this is just a fancy word for your page names. But it’s important because it really helps with your search engine optimization.

You’ll get to choose from 14 different headers (the graphic at the top of the site) that have been custom created for this package by a professional graphic artist. Each header is designed to be appropriate for a home inspection company.

We’ll set up WordPress so that your company name and phone number display on the header.

You’ll get our own custom theme – this is the color scheme for the site. If you have an existing site that you want to coordinate with, we’ll choose the colors to coordinate with that site. If you want the color scheme to coordinate with your logo, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll set it up to look nice and professional.

We’ll set up one email account for you – something like:

What’s most important is that you’ll have a website that you can use to go direct to the public. You’ll be able to quickly and easily update the site and add new information. You’ll be able to use the website in your marketing plan.

What Training Do I Get?

It’s important that you know how to use your new site. So your package includes full training on how to use your site. You can access this training as soon as you sign up. And since it’s online, you’ll be able to access the training 24/7, at your convenience.

We understand that you’re a home inspector, not a website techie. So all the training includes step-by-step instructions in plain English. Other home inspectors who have taken our training courses love how well everything is explained and made so easy to follow.

Here’s the training you’ll receive at no extra charge…

How To Buy A Domain Name – if you don’t know how to buy a domain name this will show you how.

How To Connect Your Domain To Your Site – you’ve got to do this to make your website show up on the internet. This is simple when someone shows you how and we’ll show you.

How To Login – we’ll show you where to go and how to log in to your site.

How To Edit Pages – we’ll show you how to edit the information on the pages.

How To Add A Post – as we said earlier, you add new content by posting. You’ll see exactly how to add a post on your site.

How To Add Pictures In A Post – you’ll see how to add pictures from your home inspections (or any other pictures) to your posts.

How To Add YouTube Video In A Post – you’ll be able to add your own YouTube videos, or any other YouTube videos on your site quickly and easily.

How To Add A Link – if you want to add a link to your sample inspection report, to your online ordering system, or any other link, you’ll see how this is done.

And more…

The training included with your blog is itself easily worth $197. With the complete training you’ll receive you’ll be using your site like a pro in no time.

What’s The Catch?

Ah, so you’re asking yourself – with a price this low, there must be a catch. Well, we wouldn’t consider them “catches” but you might, so here they are…

1) You must have a Domain Name. If you don’t already have a domain name, there are instructions on how to buy your own domain name. It’ll run you about $10 per year.

2) You Must Sign Up For Our Hosting. In order to keep the price low we need an efficient way to get the site set up for you. Having you sign up for our hosting helps us to be efficient. Plus when you want some help with your site it’ll be easy for us to access your site and help you. We’ve kept the hosting price at a very reasonable $12.95 per month and even offer a discount if you pay for a full year at one time.

3) There’s An Automated System. You know that having a system in place helps you to be more efficient. And you know that if that system is automated it helps you save time. Well, we’re able to offer this low price because of the automated system that’s been put in place.

After you order there will be a form for you to fill out with the information we need in order to set up your site. There will be link for you to order your hosting. All the training is available online for you. All the instructions and information you’ll need is in the member’s area that you can access immediately after ordering.

We simply ask that you use the automated system to help us keep the cost down. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be here to help you. Our good reputation has been built by being there for our customers. And we won’t give that up.

First Come, First Served – Fast Delivery

Folks it doesn’t get any better than this. You can get a great, easy-to-use site, run on the simple WordPress platform, all for under $500.

Your site will be created for you in 4 weeks or less from the time we receive your order, information form and hosting order. You’ll be able to use this site to go direct to the public and generate your own sales and leads. You’ll be less dependent on agents for referrals.

This is a great option for you so please take advantage while you can. If we receive too many orders we’ll have to take down the order link until the current orders are finished. We won’t take your order if we can’t honor the offer.

Having an online presence is a must if you plan to survive in this day and age. The Internet is here to stay… 85% of the American people are using the internet to find information. If you’re not there, they cannot find you.

So take action now – don’t delay and miss out on this incredible offer and price.

Click Here To Order Your Blog Now For Only $497

Still Have Questions?

Since all this online and website stuff can be confusing, you may still have questions.

If you have an existing website that you’re considering replacing, be sure to click the following link and check out the frequently asked questions regarding replacing a website:

If you have other questions about what’s included and what you will and won’t be able to do with this site, click the following link and check out these frequently asked questions:


Jeff Wark

PS – Remember, this is a great way for you to get started successfully marketing your home inspection business direct to the public…

PPS – This can be an inexpensive way to get that additional website you’ve been wanting to get set up for another service…

PPPS – Don’t miss out on this great package. Orders will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t delay…

Click Here To Order Your Blog Now For Only $497

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